Lead Consultant - Rwanda

Pacifique is an experienced coach and mentor in leadership, management and professional development.

Pacifique is passionate about business, technology, entrepreneurship and community development.

From 2017 – 2019, Pacifique worked for MindLeaps Rwanda; a US based organization as Rwanda Country Director, where he provided overall leadership and management for all MindLeaps programs including leading the strategic planning, design, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of country programs, and ensuring the quality of projects, implementation, donor reporting, and field level management is of the highest standard. Within 2 years, Pacifique expanded MindLeaps programs in 5 Districts in Rwanda, which increased the number of beneficiaries by 65%. He grew the team from 8 to 53 and increased MindLeaps portfolio by 50%.

Before MindLeaps, Pacifique worked as Liberia Project Director (2016) and Senior Mentor in Rwanda (2015) for Edify, a social enterprise providing microloans to low-fee-paying schools to improve their infrastructure and the quality of education, where he developed and delivered leadership and management training to ensure the funds are properly managed and the impact is felt to maximum.

Pacifique also consulted with both UNICEF and the Infinite Potentials Consulting (IPC). With IPC, Pacifique played an essential role in the planning, management and delivery of the Women In Innovation program for over 600 female university graduates in 2017.

Pacifique is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance, and he represents the Charter in Rwanda. He also holds a master’s degree in Leadership Development from the International Graduate School of Ministry, a certificate of Entrepreneurship from Mercer University, Stetson School Business and Economics and a degree in Civil Engineering.